Project Marketers

Win More Clients, Accelerate Sell-Outs

You provide real estate services to Developers and Home Builders that shape new neighborhoods and change skylines.


Ensure success

The Foundation to Propel your Expertise

Your clients rely on your market knowledge, design and marketing expertise to build calculated sell-out and lease-up strategies that move real estate projects forward.

To be successful, leading project marketing agencies embrace technology to enable their strategic processes, meet developer client expectations and remain competitively relevant in a changing market. Your expertise is powered by data — let Spark be the foundation to drive your insights.

Challenges You Face

Spark's Solution

Challenge You Face

Demonstrating the value of integrated marketing strategies and their impact on efficient sell-outs and optimized revenues.

Spark's Solution

Attribute the marketing sources of prospects directly to the inventory unit, allowing you to proactively identify opportunities that need pricing adjustments.

Challenge You Face

Keeping track of marketing spend and its impact on generating qualified prospects and homebuyers.

Spark's Solution

Gain access to meaningful prospect and buyer demographic data that will fuel and validate your marketing recommendations.

Challenge You Face

Convincing developer clients to invest in progressive technology that drives value in near and long term.

Spark's Solution

Onboard each new developer and project with the support of our dedicated team of Product Experts.

Project Marketers should look at:


Enterprise level industry specific tools — email and calendar sync too



Mass email campaigns, follow-up schedules and event management


Data & Reporting

Live stacking plans, interest and reservation tracking with pricing management on top


Spark is the agency platform of choice from Vancouver to New York.

  • One platform to manage your entire portfolio

    Multi-family projects of all size and scale benefit from our unified platform.

  • Sell from any device

    From your work laptop, phone or tablet. Spark goes with you wherever you need to get the job done.

  • Frictionless onboarding and dedicated support

    Work with our partner success team to get up and running quicker than you think.