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Your Data is the Key to Future Success

Your development team takes pride in building a legacy for generations of homebuyers while achieving budget, meeting timelines and optimizing project revenues. With a growing portfolio, progressive real estate developers embrace solutions that improve organizational processes, leaving a lasting impression on their homebuyers and network of dedicated agents.

To keep up with the growing demand as your company scales you will either build an in-house sales & marketing team or outsource to a project marketer — yet the importance of informed decision making remains a priority.

Reclaim your valuable project data while enabling your stakeholders with Spark.

Challenges You Face

Spark's Solution

Challenge You Face

Regularly extracting insights from data collected from your portfolio of projects.

Spark's Solution

Streamlined data collection and effortless data interpretation. Quickly create registration forms that suit any needed custom reports.

Challenge You Face

Centralizing communication and processes between your departments.

Spark's Solution

A single source of truth for your entire team. Spark is a foundation for your entire team to build their sales and marketing strategy upon.

Challenge You Face

Creating a distinctive homebuyer experiences, from inquiry to completion.

Spark's Solution

Spark allows you to gather and record enriched customer information to enable your sales team to provide tailored outreach.

Challenge You Face

The administrative burden of deposit, commissions, rescission, assignment and post-sale tracking.

Spark's Solution

Sparks Digital Transaction suite automates these manual processes, reducing time and associated labor costs by up to 90%.

Products that Developers & Home Builders use:


Enterprise level industry specific tools — email and calendar sync too


Contracts & Closing

Manage your signing, deposits, commissions, and assignments



Live stacking plans, interest and reservation tracking with pricing management on top


Spark is the developer & home builder platform of choice from Vancouver to New York.

  • One platform to manage your entire portfolio

    Multi-family projects of all size and scale benefit from our unified platform.

  • Sell from any device

    From your work laptop, phone or tablet. Spark goes with you wherever you need to get the job done.

  • Frictionless onboarding and dedicated support

    Work with our partner success team to get up and running quicker than you think.