Capture and convert prospects

Spark sets your marketing team up for success with multiple mediums to successfully promote every project in your portfolio.


Empower Your Marketing Team

Measure the metrics that matter.

Understand your campaign’s ROI with system-wide analytics and attribution.

Multiple Lead Channels

From online to social to on-site, Spark provides smart and flexible forms simplifying prospect acquisition from project to project.

Performance Insights

Monitor and evaluate campaign engagement from initial registration through to the home purchase.

Bolster your brand recognition & loyalty

Whether projects have standalone or integrated brand identities, curate communication strategies that fit your brand vision and encourage repeat homebuyers.

Simplified for the Industry

Build better emails with Carpenter.

Spark’s proprietary email tool is behind the industry’s most efficient and profitable teams.

Creative Freedom

Endless design options that utilize our fully responsive widget system.

Robust Merge Tags

More than just personal info. Spark can provide inventory and contract specific data to use in your templates.

No code? No problem

Craft professional email templates that display perfectly across any device without a designer or an IT person.

Importable Templates

Working with an external design team? Import their templates and send away.


We are proud to be trusted by:

Convert More Leads

Set-up your marketing team to deliver results.

Market new homes more efficiently, powerfully and profitably with a marketing suite that enables cross project visibility and retargeting.

Attached to your CRM

All our marketing tools are connected directly to the customer data in your CRM to enable personalization at scale.

Events Hub

Virtual or in-person RSVP feature allows you to send branded email invites, track attendance and thank attendees.

Multiple Sources

Pull in leads from any source, whether marketing on Facebook, Google or any social channel.

Email Automation

Automate a follow-up schedule and apply to prospects that register online or on-site.

Email Campaign Builder

Fit for any marketing initiative, easily compose, customize and test email campaigns.

Analyze Engagement

Built-in, accessible and actionable marketing analytics

Marketing Specific Permissions

Segment designers from marketing managers with roles that focus their workflow and hide private information.

Attribution Tracking

Determine which marketing sources are contributing the most to inventory sales with our integrated cross-object tracking.

See why integrated marketing tools work better.

  • One platform to manage your entire portfolio

    Multi-family projects of all size and scale benefit from our unified platform.

  • Sell from any device

    From your work laptop, phone or tablet. Spark goes with you wherever you need to get the job done.

  • Frictionless onboarding and dedicated support

    Work with our partner success team to get up and running quicker than you think.