Data & Reporting

Informed Decision Making

Invest in the foundation to own your project data and deliver the right insights to the right people.


Real-time Reporting

Definitive data across projects.

Accessible reporting makes it easier to optimize strategies that drive project profitability.

Company & Project Level Intelligence

Analyze data to solve problems — compare multiple views of reporting from a high-level or probe deeper into the details of a specific project.

Ownership & Security

Spark is invested in maintaining the highest regulatory and industry standards so you can reclaim ownership of your data by consolidating and securing it.

Accessible and Adaptable

User-friendly data sets are easily accessible and can be customized for each user group. Export any custom reports to Excel or PDF for simple integration with external reporting.

360 Data Integrity

From hardware and software to process and people.

Spark is committed to the highest levels of security and compliance while also building for the data standards of tomorrow.


Airtight, encrypted data ensures no one is getting access other than you.

99.9% Uptime

No downtime means no data loss.

Third Party Checks

Routinely checked by independant third party penetration testing teams.


Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We back up your data more than you do.


We are proud to be trusted by:

Business Intelligence

Integrate your data into other areas of your business.

Funnel all your CRM, Inventory, Marketing and Contract data through our Reports and out to top business intelligence tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio and more.

Changing the Status Quo

Detailed exporting is expected, visualize it all in Spark.

Versatile custom reports enable you to keep a pulse on your project’s mission critical metrics alongside your company portoflio targets.

Standard +

Activity, traffic, sales and team reporting are just the start.


Make any base report proprietary with per widget filters, timeframes and data sets.


A macro and micro level perspective for clearer actionables.


Scheduled reports and exports keeps everyone on the same page and in sync.

Data & Reporting Features

Built for better decisions.

Your Single Source

More than just projects. Access all company data in one place to predict future trends.

Activity Reports

All traffic and sales volume rolled up into one clean, visual report.

Traffic Reports

Online and onsite registration, appointment, note, and lead source data.

Sales Reports

Instantly get a top to bottom look at how well you are selling. Identify blocks and optimize pricing within minutes.

Deposit & Commission Reports

See deposits collected and upcoming with commisisons paid and owed, all exportable and in detail.

Custom Reports

Add list or graph widgets for any set of data with Spark with the ability to pivot data points without excel.

Detailed Drilldowns

Any data set within a report is interactive with a widget’s “Detailed View”.

Automated Delivery

Schedule repeat reports to eliminate repetitive work from your week.

Learn how the top North American developers sell out projects.

  • One platform to manage your entire portfolio

    Multi-family projects of all size and scale benefit from our unified platform.

  • Sell from any device

    From your work laptop, phone or tablet. Spark goes with you wherever you need to get the job done.

  • Frictionless onboarding and dedicated support

    Work with our partner success team to get up and running quicker than you think.