Turn relationships into revenue

Centralize communication with your prospects and homebuyers from conception to completion.


The Core of Your Operations

Specifically designed for new home sales.

Not just any CRM. An integrated system for every step of your pre-sale or lease-up process.

Automated & Customizable

Automate redundant tasks, emails and workflows to spend more time prioritizing qualified prospects into new homebuyers.

Seamless Integrations

Directly connect with other systems to automatically manage the transfer of data and amplify your reach.

Total Visibility

Giving you actionable insight into every stage of the homebuyer journey.

Integrated communication

Sync and supercharge your inbox and calendar tools.

You and your team are busy enough. Let Spark remember to track your communication for you and suggest outreach strategies.

Open & Click Tracking

Spark supports all major email providers and any custom exchange or IMAP setup you can throw at us.

Automate Interactions

An email interaction and note are automatically added to any contact you email if that contact exists in your Spark database.

Team Sharing

If you use one email while working on multiple projects, you can select which project to sync your inbox to.

Ongoing Support

Give your sales team access to read and reply to a generic project email from Spark’s inbox — increasing collaboration.


We are proud to be trusted by:

CRM features

Built for collaboration.

Company Contacts

We keep duplicates out of your database with a company level single source of truth.

Prospect & Buyer Profiles

Understand a contact’s history over the entire course of a project life cycle.

Registration Forms

Flexible options allow you to embed an iframe, use custom code or utilize our API.

Streamlined Follow-ups

Initiate and automate follow-up schedules based on the type of contact for the perfect touch point.

Flexible Rating System

Easily create a rating system that reflects the way you manage your team's workflow.

Interaction Tracking

Industry default and custom interaction categories for better reporting.

Smart Groups

Keep your leads categorized with automated groups for enhanced targeting.

Automate Agent Tiers

The more deals they do, the higher the rank. What you call them and how many deals are up to you.

See why Spark is the relationship management tool of choice.

  • One platform to manage your entire portfolio

    Multi-family projects of all size and scale benefit from our unified platform.

  • Sell from any device

    From your work laptop, phone or tablet. Spark goes with you wherever you need to get the job done.

  • Frictionless onboarding and dedicated support

    Work with our partner success team to get up and running quicker than you think.