10 years. 100+ cities. Thousands of projects. Billions worth of inventory.

Spark powers
new development
real estate

Spark is a collection of people, ideas and experience focused on a singular goal — to move the new development industry forward.

We come from a variety of backgrounds that include real estate, design, sales and software, giving us a unique perspective and advantage when it comes to our clients.

Our mission has always been to help the new development industry sell more homes, faster. As the momentum in digitization amplifies, we're proud to lead the new development industry in digital sales, marketing and management solutions as we strive towards powering every new development transaction.


The Spark Origin Story

As with many origin stories, Spark had a humble yet confident beginning and 10 years later it still feels like we’re just getting started.

Our vision from day one was to bridge the gap between real estate and technology. With the founding members Simeon Garratt (CEO) coming from real estate, Cody Curley (CPO) coming from design, Ryan Ilg (CTO) and Lee Jarvis (Tech Lead) rounding out the team on the software development side, Spark’s foundation was set.

With a small, core team, many of whom remain cornerstones of it, our framework and direction was shaped. From a living room to incubator spaces, offices we outgrew and one we are filling up quickly, each person who works with us has made significant contributions to get us to where we are now, and are the might that will power us through the next 10 years.

Identifying Our Future

It took some time to realize that we are more than just a product. We are a company built around its people — for people who plan, sell, build and buy new development real estate.

We partner with our clients, we truly care about their success and we want them to build on top of a platform that can support the current and future technology needs.

With our new outlook, comes a new identity. One that is fully invested in providing the building blocks for the new development industry to thrive in a fully realized digital landscape. It’s grounded, unique, balanced and will evolve over time — just like the future projects we’ll power.

Our Pillars

Good Design

To us, good design is about being transparent, honest, mindful, taking risks and leaning into multiple facets. Everything from the first typography choice to the last label on our newest staff merch, even the smallest details are considered big choices.


We are hungry (literally). But seriously, we share a deep rooted motivation that fuels each of us to strive to be the very best. It’s how we show up for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and the industry we proudly serve.


Successful innovation shakes things up. As natural disruptors we are driven to push our industry forward through transformative processes, shattering traditional sales and marketing methods in the New Development industry.


We resist the notion that profit and social impact cannot go hand in hand. Our impact would not be successful if our influence didn’t extend past our company and industry into the communities the projects we help sell shape.


You spend a large portion of your week with the people you work with, so we make the effort to truly enjoy each other. Our quirks are celebrated, our ambitions encouraged and an overall good sense of humour keeps us laughing at our flops and wins.


Sincerity is at the heart of everything we do. From our product to the external and internal relationships we build, we aspire for sincerity to be our driving force.

Working at Spark

Spark is a close knit group of individuals who truly care about each other's interests, experiences and passions, intentionally building them into the framework of our culture and our product. We value the creativity, collaboration and shared desire to elevate the standards of our intersecting industries.

If you’re interested in joining our mission, check out our open positions here.